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Feet are highly specialised structures containing 26 bones, over 30 joints, more than 150 ligaments, numerous muscles and an intricate network of blood vessels and nerves. Did you know that an average person with a non-strenuous lifestyle takes 10 000 steps per day. Over a lifetime this equates to walking three times around the world. Taking care of your feet is the first way to achieving a healthy, active lifestyle.



Our aim at the Bayside Foot Clinic is to provide quality service and products to the Redlands community. Our podiatrist Anthony Mitchell (DPM MApodA) has been servicing the Redlands district for over 12 years and aims to provide comprehensive foot care utilizing the highest standards available. Bayside Foot Clinic provides a modern, comfortable and friendly environment using the latest hi-tech equipment and advanced techniques to accurately diagnose and treat our patients. Our clinic is equipped with gait analysis scanning, vascular/doppler imaging, ultrasound, circulation booster and hot wax therapy. All instrumentation is autoclaved for the highest degree of sterilization and patient safety. 


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