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Children's Feet


All devices fitted to the foot to assist in function are known as ORTHOTICS. Generally these fall into 3 categories:

  1. Custom made by an Orthotic Lab:
    These are permanent devices made from
    either plaster casts, impression foam casts
    or computerized scan results (Ortesi/OHI
    In some cases, we will fabricate the devices
    ourselves in-house.


  2. Semi Custom:These devices are customized in-house
    by the Podiatrist, according to your 
    individual needs
    - off the shelf (Formthotics)
    or similar types of orthotics
    may be used. 


  3. Non Custom:
    These devices are off the shelf and are often available
    on the same day as your appointment. Sturdy, supportive
    footwear is required to ensure correct fitting -
    enclosed shoes with ample room & other footwear
    which have removable insoles are ideal.

    - Adults/Older Children - ICB or Formthotics Inserts (heat molded/off the shelf)
    Younger Children - Gecko Inserts

For more information, please call our friendly staff on (07) 3821 - 4524

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