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  • Payment
    Accepted methods of payment include cash or card. Should you require a printed invoice for your visit, please make a request to our friendly staff who will be happy to assist. All appointments require full payment at the time of your visit. Medicare rebates (where applicable) will be processed as a separate transaction after full payment has been received. For full fee information, please call one of our friendly staff who will assist you - 07 3821 4524.
  • Do I need a referral?
    No, referrals are generally not required to access podiatry treatment. Your GP, however, may specifically refer you to a podiatrist for a condition they are treating you for (please see the about section regarding Medicare). There are a limited number of circumstances that require you to obtain a referral from your GP prior to treatment, such as: · Veterans holding Department of Veterans'' Affairs gold cards · Veterans holding Department of Veterans' Affairs white card - where the referral specifies the injury and treatment required. White card holders require prior approval of podiatry treatment.
  • Will I be covered under Medicare?
    If have been referred to us by your GP under the Enhanced Primary Card Program (EPC), then you will be entitled to a rebate through Medicare which will cover a portion of the total cost for the appointment. This program covers patients with chronic and complex conditions including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Please speak to your GP for more information about how to obtain an EPC referral. For fee information, please contact our friendly staff on (07) 3821 - 4524.
  • Do I need to book an appointment?
    Yes! Patients need to book their podiatry appointments ahead of time. We endeavor to meet our patient's requirements for specific appointment times but where this is not available, we maintain a waiting list of patients seeking particular appointment times. In the event that a patient cancels or reschedules their appointment, we will then contact you. It is for this reason that the clinic insists on a minimum 24 hours of any changes or cancellations of appointments.
  • Should I be concerned about my child’s flat feet/low arches?
    A child's feet change dramatically as they develop. Children are born with 'flabby feet', where fatty tissue obscures the arch. A lower arched foot is considered to be normal and is part of normal development up to about age 6. Most importantly, how do your child's feet function: - Do they constantly trip, scuff their feet or wear shoes unevenly? - Do they complain of pain? Don't let people tell you your child's pains are just "growing pains" - pain in children is not normal. If you are concerned, then a consultation with our podiatrist is a small fee to pay for peace of mind.
  • NDIS
    We work directly with some NDIS providers. Please call us for more information. Otherwise, for all other NDIS providers, full payment is required on the day of your appointment and we can provide an invoice for your to claim through NDIS directly. If you are an NDIS provider, please contact us to see how we can work together - 07 3821 - 4524.
  • DVA Patients
    We are able to treat DVA patients with a DVA referral from the GP. Please contact your GP for more information.
  • Home Visits
    We understand that getting to see a podiatrist in clinic can be difficult for certain patients. On occasion, some patients may be eligible for a home visit. Home visits can be used in conjunction with private health care plans, Medicare EPC Referrals and DVA Referrals (Fees and charges may apply). Please contact the clinic on (07) 3821 - 4524 for more information regarding this type of treatment.
  • What should I expect during my consultation?
    During your consultation, one of our friendly clinical assistants will usher you to remove your footwear and you will be prepared for your consultation. Assessment, diagnosis, and a customized treatment plan will then be implemented. Same day biomechanical assessment may also be conducted during your consultation if needed. All of our instruments are meticulously cleaned and sterilised for your comfort and safety. We request that you please remove nail polish prior to your appointment in order to assess your nail health comprehensively.
  • What should I wear/bring?
    Shorts or loose fitting, comfortable clothing are ideal for your consultation. For a complete biomechanical assessment to be done, we will need to be able to examine your feet, ankles, knees and hips. Please also bring your current footwear, whether it be your work boots, trainers/joggers/sports boots or sandals. Our podiatrist can learn a lot from your footwear patterns, so don't forget to bring them along!
  • Pedicures
    Many podiatrists caution pedicures from fashionable nail salons, here's why!
  • Do you sell shoes?
    YES! We stock a range of footwear from podiatrist recommended brands such as Revere, Propet, Axign and Archies. If we don't have your size in stock, we are able to order it in for you (shipping fees will apply, no returns for ordered items).
Frequently Asked Questions
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