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Patient Information


It is a good idea to bring the following items to your consultation:

  1. Referral - if your doctor or other health professional has referred you to the clinic, please bring this along. Referrals are given to patients who are eligible for a Medicare rebate or DVA approved patients. See below under 'MEDICARE' for more information.

  2. Regularly worn footwear (Work/School shoes or Sports shoes)

  3. Custom Orthotics from another provider

  4. Any x-rays or ultrasounds previously taken (if relating to your complaint)

  5. Private Health Insurance Cards - so that you can claim your rebate on the spot (if your health plan covers podiatry)

  6. (OPTIONAL) If you'd like to print out our New Patient Form ahead of time, please click here. Otherwise, these forms are available upon arrival for your first appointment. Please arrived 5-10 minutes early for their completion. 


Podiatry is covered by most health fund ancillary (extras) plans. If you are covered by your fund, we can offer the HICAPS system of payment where you need only pay the remaining gap. You can check if your fund participates in the HICAPS program here. For all other fee information, please contact the clinic on (07) 3821 - 4524.


A Medicare rebate may be available towards the cost of your consultation. Please see your GP for more information and to obtain a referral through the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC). This is for people with chronic illnesses or complex care needs. An EPC referral from your GP allows for a Medicare subsidy only, the whole cost of the appointment is not covered by this scheme. For more information please call the clinic on (07) 3821 - 4524. 


We kindly ask that all nail polish be removed prior to your appointment, especially for patients requiring nail care at their appointment. This allows for Anthony to check the health of your nails, which otherwise cannot be ascertained if nail polish is present. 



Image by Brian Mann
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